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The Attaché Approach


Were you given one of these diagnoses?

The Nutrition Attaché specializes in working with clients who have received cardiometabolic, autoimmune or functional gastrointestinal diagnoses.  Nutrition and lifestyle plans are individualized to meet the needs of complex cases where one or more conditions are present. 


Hyperlipidemia can successfully be treated with diet, lifestyle modifications and prescription medication. Treatment goals for clients with this condition typically include lowering heart attack, heart disease and stroke risk.


There are a wide range of prescription medicines available to treat primary and secondary hypertension. Diet and lifestyle interventions can serve as effective means in preventing any additional advancement in the hypertension stage.


Diet and lifestyle play a crucial role during and after cancer treatment, contributing significantly to the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals affected by cancer. Adopting a health-conscious lifestyle supports long-term survivorship.

Celiac Disease / NCGS

Currently, the only treatment for Celiac Disease is following a Gluten Free diet that excludes foods containing a certain type of protein. Most patients experience symptom relief within a few weeks of following this type of diet.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The successful treatment and management of IBS typically includes dietary and lifestyle interventions as well as medications, probiotics, and complementary healing therapies such as gut-directed hypnotherapy.

Prediabetes / Type 2 Diabetes

Diet and lifestyle interventions have proven themselves to be powerful tools in helping people manage diseases that impact blood sugar regulation.

Working Together

Pillars of Care

Evidence-based interventions supported by scientific literature, clinical guidance and client preferences form the foundation of all nutrition and lifestyle plans. 

By helping clients identify and adopt new strategies, Nutrition Attaché clients discover the optimal way to navigate their food environments assuredly and incorporate lifestyle changes with confidence. 

The Nutrition Attaché recommends diet and lifestyle interventions that synergistically enhance outcomes vis-à-vis the whole-person paradigm. Lifestyle plans feature supportive stress management modalities, scalable movement strategies and approaches for experiencing restorative sleep.

Concierge level clients have access to multiple private communication channels through the duration of the engagement. Telehealth channels are secure, HIPAA,  PIPEDA and GDPR compliant and can be accessed via multiple types of internet-able devices. 

The Nutrition Attaché places an emphasis on educating clients on ways optimal nutrition and lifestyle strategies reinforce traditional allopathic interventions. Open lines of communication with other clinicians ensure that nutrition and lifestyle plans are implemented safely.

Guiding Expectations

By setting concise, incremental goals, clients are able to sustain the momentum needed to create lasting change. 

Kick Off
Full Health Review

Thorough appraisal of your health data including lab results and relevant medical tests to identify where you are in your health journey. Includes a discussion of diet history, palate preferences, known or suspected allergies and current food environments. Identification of short, medium and long-term goals. Exploration of ways core values are influencing your current health status. 

Month 1
Begin Implementation Of Your Plan

Begin incorporating your personalized diet and lifestyle shifts. The implementation strategy force ranks these interventions by order of necessity and prioritizes high-yielding, symptom resolving interventions. The interplay of appropriately designed diet and lifestyle changes creates a compounding effect on overall well-being hastening the time it takes to experience noticeable change. 

Month 2-3
Habit Formation & Early Results

Your diet and lifestyle plans were created to promote self-efficacy. Cultivating self-efficacy increases the likelihood you attain your health goals by remaining motivated and engaged.  After a few months of mastery experiences, clients begin gaining confidence in their ability to make beneficial diet and lifestyle choices while experiencing the satisfaction of early results. 

Month 4-6
Measurable Change Accompanied By Ease And Clarity

Consistent, mindful engagement with your diet and lifestyle plan has  lead to the adoption of new habits and ways of engaging with your food environments. The results you've experienced to date are the products of your commitment to yourself and reliable support from The Nutrition Attaché. 

What is taken into account?

Evidence-based interventions supported by medical literature form the foundation of all nutrition and lifestyle plans. The following items are also appraised and applied. 

values and principles

Care Paradigm

The Nutrition Attaché recommends diet and lifestyle interventions that synergistically enhance outcomes vis-à-vis the whole-person paradigm. By blending the tenets of Lifestyle Medicine and Personalized Nutrition, The Nutrition Attaché leverages an interdisciplinary approach that provides physiologic, social and emotional support. Educating clients about primary and secondary prevention of disease is a cornerstone of the practice.      

The word nutrition derives from the Latin word nūtrīre, “to feed, support, preserve.”



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Working with Kerry was a clarifying experience. I underestimated the impact proper nutrition and lifestyle could have on my quality of life. Her graduated approach to change coupled with continuous access made the process feel far less burdensome than i had imagined.

– SA, Finance Executive, Busy Dad